SAFARI Half Marathon 2 May 2016


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2 May 2016

When the gun fires for the 27th Safari half marathon, it will announce a new era of partnership between SAFARI and Liqui-Fruit towards a healthier community.


SAFARI FRUIT & NUTS - Nature’s tasty snack

SAFARI fruit and nuts is the number one South African healthy snack since 1908. Eighty years later (1988) the first HALF MARATHON was sponsored by SAFARI because we support a healthier South Africa. We know that exercise and a good eating plan are the building blocks for a fulfilling life style. Thank you to all who made the 2015 Half marathon a truly memorable occasion. The feedback was overwhelming and we realised that we not only continue with this winning recipe for the whole family but to make it better.

Trusted by our parents and grandparents, it is still the snack of choice that satisfies any sweet craving without the guilt. Firstly it is tasty and by the way healthy as well!

The SAFARI TO GO fruit and nut mixes fits the modern life style perfectly. Pack it into any bag and it is available wherever or whenever you need to refuel. The 6 combinations offers variety – so try them all: Orchard mix and Tropical Twist do not contain any nuts. The Carnival craze, Fruit Medley, Forest Feast and Berry mix all blend fruit and nuts for the lunch box! We offer a wide variety - they will surely not get bored.

We all know that natural dried fruit supplies us with the energy we need, and who needs energy more during a long school day?

Anyone who had to battle with uneaten fresh fruit that made a mess in a school case or hand bag will understand how convenient SAFARI FRUIT & NUTS snacks are - truly the number one healthy snack endorsed by GIFSA (Glyseamic Index Foundation)


Nothing but fruit and a whole lot of feel-good attitude. No more, no less!

Over 30 years ago Liqui-Fruit broke new ground in the beverage market as the first ever long-shelf life pure fruit juice. It captured the hearts and minds of South Africans with its colourful logo, innovative packaging, promise of complete convenience and, of course, great taste.

Today, Liqui-Fruit has the enviable reputation as an unsurpassed brand leader and is one of South Africa’s most popularly recognised brands. Our unwavering commitment to quality has ensured credibility in an extremely competitive beverage market.

Often Foods - Glyseamic Index Foundation